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Research shows that midwifery could avert up to 83% of stillbirths, maternal deaths, and other childbirth complications. Located in Birmingham and Oxford, Michigan, Comprehensive Women’s Health offers midwifery to expecting mothers. A midwife can support you through pregnancy, labor, childbirth, and postpartum care. To discuss midwifery with Dr. Lana Powell, call Comprehensive Women’s Health or request an appointment online today.

Midwifery Q & A

What is midwifery?

Midwifery is an optional aspect of obstetric health care, but many women agree that having a midwife during labor and childbirth immensely improves the experience. Beyond helping with labor and delivery, midwives help with some of the care throughout pregnancy and during the postpartum period.

At Comprehensive Women’s Health, you can receive care from a midwife who works closely with Dr. Powell and her team throughout your time in their care. Though a midwife might not have the extensive medical background of a physician or nurse, they can understand and meet your cultural, spiritual, emotional, and physical needs that often get overlooked in the process.

What support does a midwife provide during pregnancy?

You can start seeing your midwife during your visits to Comprehensive Women’s Health pretty early in your pregnancy. They can support you in numerous ways leading up to your due date, including:

  • Tracking your baby’s health and growth
  • Helping you keep track of appointments and pregnancy services
  • Planning and preparing for labor and childbirth
  • Answering your questions and giving advice
  • Giving you guidance to maintain your own health and your baby’s health

A midwife helps arrange your ideal childbirth set up so that you can feel comfortable and confident going into the delivery room at the affiliated hospital of your choice.

How does a midwife help during labor and childbirth?

A midwife’s role during labor and childbirth is intensive. Labor can last for hours, and it’s a highly stressful and emotional process. With a midwife, you have an extra source of personal support and understanding. From the moment you go into labor, your midwife can support you by:

  • Offering moral support
  • Giving helpful strategies for an easier birth
  • Monitoring your baby’s heartbeat and wellness
  • Arranging pain relief strategies
  • Finding extra medical assistance
  • Helping with the delivery

Your midwife’s support doesn’t stop after you give birth. While you’re still in the hospital, they can carry out routine newborn screening tests, help you learn to breastfeed, and teach you basic care for your newborn. They can also visit you at home regularly during the postpartum period to give extra guidance as you navigate your child’s first weeks.

Why should I consider midwifery?

Midwifery adds a personal aspect to your birth plan that you might feel is missing or lacking without one. Even though your physicians can work closely with you throughout the pregnancy, a midwife is there to prioritize your needs and comfort.

You should consider adding a midwife to your birth plan if you want the emotional or social support they can offer or if you want a natural birth plan that is less clinical than the standard option.

To explore the benefits of midwifery and apply them to your birth plan, call Comprehensive Women’s Health, or book an appointment online today.