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Giving birth is a beautiful moment. At Comprehensive Women’s Health, Dr. Lana Powell wants you to have a personalized experience delivering your baby at their affiliated hospital near their Oxford and Birmingham, Michigan offices. If you want caring and professional women helping you through delivery, call today to schedule your appointment, or book online.

Delivery Q & A

What are the different delivery options?

During your prenatal visits, you and Dr. Powell will draft a labor and delivery plan. Working as a team, you will discuss the different options for delivering your baby. You can deliver vaginally or naturally, Caesarean also known as C-section, or vaginal birth after Caesarean (VBAC). Your health and your baby’s health determine the best delivery option for you.

Natural childbirth allows your body to work with labor pains to deliver your baby without the help of medical invention like anesthesia. Dr. Powell recommend C-section deliveries if you are at high-risk during your pregnancy or your baby is not in the correct position for vaginal delivery. If you have previously had a C-section, you might be a candidate for VBAC. Discuss your preference for delivery with Dr. Powell before your due date.

With all delivery options, you choose a hospital affiliated with your doctor. Comprehensive Women’s Health is associated with William Beaumont Hospital Royal Oak Campus.

What are high-risk deliveries?

Complications of high-risk pregnancies cause worry and concern. If you have high blood pressure, placental abruption, or are delivering multiple babies, Dr. Powell may decide you are at high risk.

During a high-risk delivery, you may need extra monitoring and a hospital ready to handle emergency delivery situations. By working as a team with Dr. Powell, you are prepared for the unexpected during delivery.

How will I know when I am in labor?

The onset of labor has several noticeable symptoms. The most common signs are contractions, cervical changes noticed during your pelvic exam, and your water breaking. If you think your water has broken, contact Dr. Powell immediately.

During your later prenatal appointments, your delivery team at Comprehensive Women’s Health help you decide when to call the office or when to visit the hospital for admission.

You have many options when it is time to deliver your baby. With Dr. Powell at Comprehensive Women’s Health, you are part of a team. Call the office today for more information about prenatal appointments and delivery plans, or book your appointment online.