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Infertility affects between 10-15% of couples in the United States. With locations in both Birmingham and Oxford, Michigan, Dr. Lana Powell at Comprehensive Women’s Health diagnoses infertility and offers couples treatment options. If you suffer from infertility or would like more information, call either location of Comprehensive Women’s Health to schedule an appointment, or book your appointment online today.

Infertility Q & A

What is infertility?

An infertility diagnosis is given to couples who are unable to conceive naturally over the course of a year. Conception is a complicated biological process requiring proper timing, healthy bodies, and correct hormone levels. Infertility affects each couple in different ways, but Dr. Powell will offer advice and counseling for your infertility issues.

What causes infertility?

Infertility is commonly considered as relating only to women. According to the American Pregnancy Association, both men and women are responsible for one-third of fertility issues each. The remaining third is unknown causes or a combination of both partners.

Common causes of infertility in women are:

  • Ovulation disorders, such as polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)
  • Abnormal structure of the uterus
  • Uterine fibroids
  • Endometriosis
  • Repeated miscarriages
  • Age over 35

Endometriosis and PCOS are two of the most common reasons for infertility. Endometriosis is the lining of the uterus attaching itself to another part of the female reproductive system. PCOS results in the infrequent or irregular release of a mature egg from the ovaries.

Common causes of infertility of men are:

  • No sperm produced
  • Too few sperm produced
  • Sperm dying before getting to the egg called low motility

The tests and questions the team at Comprehensive Women’s Health administer help Dr. Powell will determine the cause of your infertility and recommend the best treatment for your situation.

What happens during an infertility consultation?

When you meet with Dr. Powell during your scheduled appointment, they ask you questions about how long you have been trying to conceive, if you are trying different conception methods, and a full medical history for both you and your partner. They may order an ultrasound, semen analysis, and blood work for more information. After they gather the information from the workup, Dr. Powell explains your results.

What treatment options are available for infertility?

Infertility is treatable. In most cases, the first treatment option is education. The more information you are given about the conception process, the more you can be a part of the team in fighting infertility. Dr. Powell will offer other suggestions in addition to education. Medications for ovulation and artificial insemination are another set of options.

Before giving up on your dream of having children, schedule an appointment at Comprehensive Women’s Health in Birmingham or Oxford, Michigan. Call Dr. Powell for available appointment times, or book your appointment online today.