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Human papillomavirus (HPV) is the focus of many commercials and doctor discussions. At the Comprehensive Women’s Health office in Oxford and Birmingham, Michigan, Dr. Lana Powell offers information and treatment options concerning HPV. Call either office to schedule an appointment, or book online today.


What is human papillomavirus?

Human papillomavirus, better known as HPV, is an infection that causes skin growths known as warts. Studies have shown certain types of HPV infection relate directly to cervical cancers.

HPV causes warts on any part of the body, including hands, feet, and genitals. This condition affects any age group and is spread through human to human contact.

How is HPV diagnosed?

Dr. Powell diagnoses HPV through a Pap test. A Pap test, part of a routine well-woman exam, test shows abnormal results if irregular cells are present. Applying a vinegar solution to a wart also determines if an HPV infection has taken hold. The wart will turn white in the solution. Dr. Powell explains any testing and diagnosis options with you before the test.

What are the symptoms of HPV?

The most common symptom of HPV is warts. Warts differ in appearance on different parts of the body. You may notice flat warts on or near your genitals; rough, raised bumps on the hands or elbows; or hard, grainy growths on your feet. The good news is that HPV is usually defeated by your immune system before warts form.

Can I prevent HPV?

Prevention of HPV is difficult, but you can prevent spreading infection and formation of new warts. Avoid picking at warts and then biting your nails. Prevent genital warts by using a condom and having only one sexual partner.

Dr. Powell recommends the HPV vaccination for children as young as nine. By receiving the HPV vaccine before becoming sexually active, you can prevent the higher risk of cervical cancer.

How is HPV treated?

Medications such as salicylic acid and prescription creams aid in removing the warts from your body. Dr. Powell may also suggest freezing the warts or surgically removing them. There is no cure for HPV; however, you can manage the symptoms with time and persistence with the help of your medical team.

Call the caring professionals at Comprehensive Women’s Health to discuss prevention, detection, and treatment plans before HPV causes serious problems. You can also book your appointment online.